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Premier Dead Sea cherish the therapeutic powers of Dead Sea minerals which are the source for their skin care products. Just as you nourish your body with healthy food it is equally important to nourish your skin with high quality skin care products.
The Dead Sea is an amazing geological phenomenon; a treasure of minerals and rich oils which have outstanding benefits to our skin and can provide remedy to some skin disorders. Since the Dead Sea is not available for everyone Premier Dead Sea developed in its laboratories a great variety of skin care products in order to bring the Dead Sea experience to everyone over the globe. Premier Dead Sea‘s award winning products have gained world-wide reputation for their high quality and effectiveness. They pay attention to every detail and keep researching for more innovative techniques and products to enhance your skin with the treasures of nature. The products are sold in 61 countries around the world and we wanted to get people’s opinions and get their reviews regarding the products and stores.

There is nothing more genuine than a review of a client. Premier Dead Sea are constantly on the search to find the next breakthrough in cosmetic innovation. Their products combine the most state of the art scientific research and methods with the bounty of Mother Nature and the complex of minerals that is unique to the Dead Sea.

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We care about your opinion and views regarding Premier’s products- what you felt was effective for your skin and what you would like to change. Be open and share your thoughts and your user experience with us and anyone who visits this website.

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 21 reviews
by Willis Camille on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

Being allergic to certain smells and aromas means that I have to constantly worry about the things I put inside my body and on my skin too. Unlike other skincare products that left me in great discomfort, Premier Dead Sea products seem to work well with my skin without causing me any kind of discomfort. I currently use the body cream, the body butter and the Dead Sea salt soap fruit mix. I smell and stay fresh all day long. Thanks a bunch!

Am 40 years old but I was disappointed after my skin started showing signs of aging when I turned 38. I tried a few creams that promised to work wonders but the fine lines would still remain. After using the Premier Dead Sea Anti Aging Cream a few times, I can attest that my facial skin appears a million times better than it used to.

I was never really into purchasing skincare products. I only bought some lotion and used on everything. Then I realized that I the lotion wasn’t enough to keep me smelling fresh all day long. I bought the deodorant for men and I not only smell nice these days, but I have become more confident than ever. I have now replaced my cheap lotion with cleansers, serums and body creams, all from Premier Dead Sea. Happy Customer!

by Esther R. on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I must state that I had never found a skin care product that worked so well on my skin, until I got my first Premier Dead Sea product. I was looking for a skincare product that would help purify and hydrate my skin, so a friend recommended that I try the Gentle Foaming Mousse Cleanser that was working well for her. I have been using it for several days now and the positive impact it has had on my skin is quite evident. I love it!

by Tamara Daniels on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

The most amazing skin care brand I have ever used! Before I started using Premier Dead Sea’s Neck Cream, you couldn’t believe that my face, neck and body belonged to one person. The variation on the skin tone was so diverse, and it was until I found this cream that I started to see a change. I have used the product for a few weeks now and I’m quite pleased with the results.

by Joyce Ramirez on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I am so incredibly thankful for formulating products that are good for oily skin. I tried your Skin Toner and I really love the fact that it doesn’t contain alcohol, which I’m allergic to. I use this toner after to cleanse my skin and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I intend to try more of your products as well.

by Cain Hope on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

My nails used to crack and break all the time. That was until I started the Beautifying Luxury Nail Kit, which has not only helped to prevent cracking, but has also helped smoothen my hands. I have also noticed that my nails grow a bit faster than they used to, and they come out very clean and beautiful. I’m totally in love with this kit and will buy more Premier Dead Sea’s products.

by Danielle Abbott on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I wasn’t too optimistic about using your products as I relied on another brand for my skincare routine. It was until I saw some online reviews on your products and I was surprised to see that they had a solution for a problem that I had tried so hard to remedy without success. I checked into your Washington Store and enquired about the Supreme Face Lift Kit. I couldn’t afford it at the time, but I asked to be informed when the price went under $2000. After a while, I got a call and was told that to go and get it. It’s been a little over a month now and there has been a significant change on my skin. Judging from the effectiveness of this product, I now see that the price is worth every dollar.

I finally found a sweet-scented body cream that is perfect for my sensitive skin at a Premier Dead Sea store in Washington. I have been applying it for a few days now after taking a shower and it leaves me feeling refreshed and smelling nice. Its pricing is also very pocket-friendly so I will buy more for the rest of the family.

by Katie Greene on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I’ve paid over $300 for anti-wrinkle products that haven’t worked half as well as they claimed to work. I had vowed not to try any other anti-aging product until a friend of my mine encouraged me to try the Premier Dead Sea Age Defying cream. It’s been less than two months and my skin already feels tight, smooth and the fine lines have completely disappeared. I now feel young in the outside just as I feel in the inside.

I love the Age Defying Aragan Shampoo that my mom gifted me after witnessing my struggle with hair breakage for a long time. I have used it for about a year now and there is a remarkable change in my hair. Not only has this hair product made my hair much stronger and fuller, but it has also helped to eliminate dandruff. I’m so impressed and I intend to purchase more products from this brand.

by Shannon W. on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I believe in everything herbal and it comes as no surprise that every skincare product that I use is herbal. While most of the products that are branded as herbal in the market do not necessarily contain herbal properties, I was pleased to find a brand that is true to their word. I have been using the Dead Sea Salt Scrub from Premier Dead Sea and its herbal scent is out of this world.

by Dianna Vega on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

My best friend introduced me to Premier Dead Sea skin products when we were getting ready for her wedding. I experienced a very soothing and relaxing effect on my skin after using the Body Butter Herbal and was motivated to buy some for myself. My skin now feels and looks more smooth, firm and rejuvenated. I highly recommend this product!

by Kristin Davidson on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I have dry skin and I have always bought moisturizers to help alleviate the dryness. These past two months, I have been using Premier Dead Sea’s moisturizing cream and my skin no longer looks dry. While most of the moisturizers I used require to be applied on the skin several times a day for best results, the moisturizing cream from Premier Dead works very well on just one application per day.

Hi! My name is Carla and I’m in my late twenties. I have struggled with uneven skin tone and hormonal acne and the products I have tried have not lived up to my expectations. I have struggled with the condition for many years and every remedy I have tried out there has left my skin in even bad shape. I decided to give Premier Dead Sea a try and am amazed to see that my skin has brightened a bit after several applications. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Swimming, whether in the pool or at the beach, hasn’t been my favorite activity. This is because I have never been comfortable in my own skin without makeup. I decided to try the Dead Sea Luxury Skin Care Collection and the complexion of my skin has improved a great deal. It’s without a doubt that soon I will be able to go out make-up free.

As I entered Premier Dead Sea store, the elegant look of the store gave me an impression that the products being sold there are top-notch, and this later turned to be very true. The workers in the store are very professional and they even gave me samples to at no cost. What a welcoming experience! My visit to their store was worth a long-term memory not to mention how functional their products turned out to be. From the time I started using their products, my life and my looks have completely changed. My skin looks more healthy and smooth thanks to my friend who introduced me to them!

by Elvira Green on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I was living a miserable life because of my unhealthy skin. I’m glad that my friend introduced me to Premier Dead Sea products. The appearance and the feel of my skin has completely changed. No more spots, acne and itching dry skin. I definitely loved everything about the brand, from the stores themselves, store attendants, and the products!

by Heather Gutierrez on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

My discovery of Premier products extracted from Dead Sea marked the beginning of having a shiny and smooth face. I am excited that these ingredients just gave me my dream facial skin! I look several years younger now! I bought a Lotion from their store, and I can honestly say that this lotion is a magic-worker. The lotion has dramatically revolutionized the appearance of my skin. I love this brand for sure and I’m your customer forever!

by Sims Marjorie on Premier Dead Sea Reviews

I have been using skin care products which I bought from one of the Premier Dead stores. I had annoying sagging skin all over my face. From the time I started using the products, I no longer have the sagging skin around my eyes. The luxurious Premier Dead Sea products are nicely arranged to a perfect display. The store’s attendants are welcoming and guides customers whenever they need their assistance. Congrats premier dead sea!

Since the time I started using premier Dead Sea products bought from a premier Dead Sea store, my face now looks younger and healthy. This did not come with a great price because with this brand, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for skin care products. Everything they sell is quite affordable in comparison to other prestigious skin care outlets. I’m glad that after paying a few dollars, my once dull complexion has turned bright and my face is amazingly soft, thanks to SUPREME Cleansing Cream. I will always visit their stores for more!