Prepare your skin for the winter – 5 useful tips

Prepare your skin for the winter – 5 useful tips

Winter is almost coming, and you are aware of the effects this extreme weather conditions can have on your skin. Sometimes, even covering yourself in fluffy scarves and jackets does not do much to save the situation, especially for the face. However, there are steps you can take in advance to prevent your skin from drying up and cracking up, leaving you with a knocked-down feeling. It is possible to keep your skin looking good and well moisturized even through this season. Here, then, are a few tips that you can comfortably make use of to attain the desired results.

Mask your Face at Night

Preparing your skin at night for the next day makes it easier to apply beauty products like foundation. Masking your face is a good way to keep the moisture trapped in the skin. This will make the other processes much easier when morning comes. To get the best results, use Refining Facial Peeling Mask or Night Cream Complex from Premier Dead Sea brand. The moisturizer has been in the market for some years now and has continued to be rated among the best. Use it as often as the skin needs it and you will be thankful later.

Use Gentle Ingredients to Wash Your Skin

There is no worse combination for the skin than harsh weather and harsh products coming into contact at the same time. Washing your skin every day is not good enough if you do not incorporate gentle products. You can make use of Luxury Facial Cleanser with Micro Grains Premier to thoroughly remove makeup. It will also tone your skin and cleanse it without leaving your skin feeling dry. The Mud Seaweed & Honey Mask is best for smoothing skin and removing dirt. It has also been enriched with coconut and avocado oil that give your skin a soft feel.

Moisturize Every So Often

Before application of any makeup, ensure that your skin is well moisturized. Makeup artists will tell you that the skin best survives winter if it is nourished with products that have a moisturizing effect and which also have anti-inflammatory elements. If your skin is oily, Repairing and Regenerating Cream from Premier Dead Sea would be ideal for your use. It contains a gel which absorbs the oil and minimizes pores. For super-dry skin, Moisture Cream from Premier Brand will moisturize and repair your skin.

Avoid Application of Thick Layers

In as much as you are trying to protect your skin from external factors that may cause it damage, you should also take care not to suffocate it from the application of excess products. Beauty experts suggest that you should work with thin layers as you try to determine what works best for your skin. For example, you could add a few drops of almond oil in your foundation to see how your skin relates with the ingredients throughout the day.

You should strive to experiment with different products every day to see which one works best with your skin. From Premier Dead Sea, there is a wide range of products that you can make use of to get the results you desire. However, be careful not to over-use any product.

Your Lips Need Care Too

As you take all the care you can for your facial skin, do not forget that your lips are also prone to damage from the harsh weather. They too deserve to be given attention just like the rest of the face. Remember to exfoliate your lips so that you can wear your lipstick like the diva you are. You can make use of the Santa Lip Scrub from Premier to create a good foundation on which to apply your lipstick. For fuller-looking and plumper lips, you can use.

Lastly, Remember Less is more

After you have done all this to protect your skin, trust that you have done the best you could. Do not try to overdo your makeup. Remember that some products may not work well if they are combined with others due to the nature of ingredients that have been used to make them.

When it comes to hot showers, remember that during winter you need to do less of them during this season. The reason is simple; in as much as a hit shower will leave you feeling good at the moment, it, on the other hand, leaves your skin dehydrated and yearning for more moisture in the long-term.

While these are tips for protecting your skin from the outward, you can also take some steps that will work in the inwards to keep your skin supple. Avoid too much alcohol, fat-rich foods, and sugars and be sure to sleep enough and avoid situations that stress you.

How and Why It Is Important to Take Care of your Skin

How and Why It Is Important to Take Care of Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body and plays a crucial role in protecting all the other organs. As such, proper care should be given to it to ensure that it remains healthy at all times. Skin experts say that what you do and eat today will definitely show up in your skin in the future. Aside from what we put in our bodies and on our skin, genetic and environmental factors also contribute to the skin’s wear and tear. So, what can you do to ensure that your skin is properly taken care of? Well, here are some helpful tips:

How to Take Care of your Skin

There are various measures that you can take to ensure that your skin is properly taken care of. They include:

Eating a healthy diet

One of the things that directly affect your skin is what you eat. A poor diet restricts the availability of particular nutrients that are very vital to the skin’s health. Good nutrition is therefore essential in ensuring that your skin remains healthy. A healthy diet should also consist of veggies and fruits, non-fatty foods, non-processed foods, etc. As much as your meals should be, you should also cut out any unhealthy eating or drinking habits that you may have. This includes excessive smoking and alcohol intake.

Keep hydrated

Proper hydration is also essential for optimal skin health. It is recommended that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Instead of drinking large amounts of water at once, it is advisable that you drink it in small quantities over the course of the day. This will ensure that the water is properly absorbed by your body and keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is said to be good for the heart, and so it is for the skin. Lack of exercise decreases the circulation of blood, thus delivering less oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Exercising regularly will not only enable you to have great physical condition, but you will ultimately attain good looks as well. It is advisable that you exercise at least 30 minutes per day.

Take enough rest

As much as exercising is crucial to your skin’s health, enough rest is equally important as well. Ensure that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of goodnight sleep, as lack of sleep will certainly show up under your eyes.

Protect yourself from the elements

While it might be difficult for you to protect yourself from genetic elements, it is easy for you to protect yourself from environmental ones. Direct exposure to sun rays, cold and wind can have a devastating effect on your skin. The ultraviolet rays from the sun have serious and lasting effects that can be irreversible. Ultraviolet radiation too can cause wrinkles, premature aging, age spots and in severe cases, it can cause cancer. Therefore, it is highly advised that you avoid exposing yourself to these weather elements for long durations of time.

Use tested and proven skincare products

There is a wide range of skincare products that have been made available on the market, some of which may be a valuable addition to your everyday skin care routine. These products include skin cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliating products, sunscreens, facial cleansers, as well as nutrient and herbal supplements.

It is important to note that not all skin care products on the market live up to their promise of giving you perfect and flawless skin. Therefore, you should be very careful when making a choice. Reading customer reviews before buying can help you a great deal in choosing the most ideal skin care products that are modified for your type of skin.

Why should you Take Care of your Skin?

Like previously mentioned, the skin serves as a shield that protects other body organs. If you fail to protect the skin, then don’t be surprised if other body organs start to fail. A beautiful skin also gives you self esteem and whenever people throw glances at you, it will be in admiration, not contempt. Furthermore, if you make taking care of your skin a priority, you can rest assured that you will age gracefully, not awkwardly. Therefore, it is up to you to start taking care of your skin sooner, rather than later.

Do's and Don'ts when choosing a new cosmetic brand

Dos and Don’ts when Choosing a New Cosmetic Brand

Interestingly, most people are more mindful of what they put in their bodies but most people don’t pay attention to what they put on their bodies. This is where skincare comes in handy! Our skin being the largest organ in the body and the protector of other organs, it should be properly taken care of.

The cosmetics industry provides a wide array of skincare products to either treat a variety of skin problems or to enhance the appearance of the skin. While there are cosmetic brands that deliver the promise of protecting the skin, there are those with harmful chemicals that increase the risk of skin problems, including skin cancer. The fact that neither cosmetic products nor their ingredients are reviewed or approved by FDA before being made available to buyers make ignorant use of such products an act of cheating death. So, how do you choose a new cosmetic brand in the over saturated market? Read on.

Do’s when choosing a new cosmetic brand

1. Investigate unregulated claims

Such claims as natural, fragrance-free, dermatological tested, hypoallergenic, etc, are all too common in cosmetic brands. Many of these claims on washes, lotions and perfumes are just that – claims. Before being fooled into believing that a cosmetic brand is indeed what it claims to be, it is vital to investigate the claim, especially if it is an unregulated one.

The term organic is a regulated claim in its use, but only in several countries. Its application, however, often allows gaps and loopholes in a skincare product’s ingredients. This allows suspicious synthetic ingredients and chemicals in. So, it is crucial for you to investigate whatever claims made by a cosmetic brand to find out if it is regulated, investigated or substantiated by the regulatory authorities before buying.

2. Read labels and choose only those ingredients you recognize

Cosmetic companies have gone far and wide to amass ingredients they think are best for skin care. Some of those ingredients may be familiar to you, but there are those that you may not have a clue about. Before buying a new cosmetic brand, it would be great if you took a few minutes of your time to read the label(s) so that you can identify the ingredients used. Choosing brands with ingredients that you know nothing about could end up hurting you, but a few more minutes researching about the ingredients on Google won’t.

3. Take not of the preservatives used

On the same note, it is important to check the preservatives that a cosmetic brand purports to use on their products. While preservatives are essential in lengthening a product’s shelf-life, there is still a huge spectrum of both natural and synthetic preservatives that have been proven to be hazardous. Cosmetic brands that use preservatives such as benzyl alcohol (linked to contact allergy), phenoxyethanol (known to depress the central nervous system) and parabens (associated with tumors in the breast and skin) should be avoided.

Don’ts when choosing a new cosmetic brand

1. Going for brands that do not fully disclose their fragrance ingredients

Fragrance – one little word on the list of ingredients, but it can contain dozens of chemicals such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are associated with cancer, disorders of the central nervous system and birth defects. Fragrance manufacturers keep their formulas secret claiming that its confidential business information. Even those that purport to use natural ingredients in the fragrances may not have told the whole truth. Woe unto you if you go ahead and purchase brands that do not fully inform you of the fragrance ingredients they use.

2. Choosing brands that have petroleum-derived ingredients

Many commercial cosmetic brands contain petroleum derivatives, i.e. from crude oil. Examples are mineral oil (a.k.a paraffinum liquidum), petrolatum (a.k.a petroleum jelly), propylene glycol, etc. There are 3 main reasons why many people choose such brands – one, they cost way less, two, they are abundant, and three they are highly durable. Sounds like a deal that is too good, doesn’t it? Well, it’s far from good. Note that not all cheap brands are bad, but not all expensive brands are good either.

Customer reviews may help a great deal in helping you choose the most ideal cosmetics brand. However, you may have a hard time finding reviews for new cosmetic brands. Therefore, the best thing is to keep in mind the above dos and don’ts to avoid any nasty surprises in the near or distant future.